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Attributing the Harvey Weinstein Exposé to “Changed Consciousness” is a Lie and Another Cover-up

Everyone not living under a rock, and some that doubtless crawled out from underneath one, is now aware that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted women in Hollywood for decades. I will not sit here and pretend to know what it feels like for a woman to be a victim of sexual assault. During my law enforcement career and now as head of law enforcement in my jurisdiction, I have dealt with unspeakable crimes against innocent victims. I am grateful and honored to have helped crime victims during my career and can only imagine what it is like to be in their shoes.

An important component of the Harvey Weinstein revelation is the larger story it tells about the left's hypocritical sucking up to the power and influence of a man whose criminal sexual assaults were reportedly well-known in Hollywood.

At the same time as the left, including the liberal media, have presumed to lecture Middle America on morals, religion, gun control, and integrity, they have been collusively covering for a vile, vicious sexual predator in exchange for his money and influence. Shame on them.

This disgrace belongs especially to the numerous politicians who have sidled up to this smarmy criminal, flattering (even lionizing) him publicly in a vulgar exchange of money for his endorsement. The fact that his approval was so important to these politicians makes their actions even more obscene. Barack Obama was so enchanted with Harvey Weinstein that he allowed his young daughter to intern for him.

They have also been slow to repudiate him in meaningful ways. The Clinton Foundation refuses to return Harvey Weinstein’s donations. Hillary Clinton has vaguely promised to include Harvey Weinstein’s donations in her charitable donations this year. And of course, Barack Obama and his wife waited to condemn Weinstein, and then did so in a less than convincing manner.

Another huge scandal in this story is the fact that complicit journalists spent decades covering up Weinstein’s crimes. The Harvey Weinstein scandal is but a symptom of the larger problem of liberal journalistic malpractice plaguing this country. Fictional narratives abound. We cannot let the new false narrative of “changed consciousness” detract us from that. Had the journalists been doing their jobs instead of covering for Weinstein to line their own pockets, his behavior would have been exposed to the regular public long ago and countless victims would have been spared their own personal nightmares. The fact that his behavior has been covered up for years by journalists is another sad consequence of the left's attempt to pervert the narrative on every major issue in this country.

We cannot let the liberal media construct another fictional narrative to replace the one that has just been destroyed. Deliberately unbalanced, inaccurate reporting (or non-reporting) causes irreparable damage. Yet the left continues to present a skewed picture of anything that does not fit their idea of Utopia. To accept this current round of denunciations as sufficient atonement for the liberal media’s and liberal politicians’ own endorsement and cover-up of these criminal acts would be to miss the larger point.

It is time for the liberal media to hold itself, its fellow liberals, and the glitzy entertainers it so shamefully woos, to the same standard to which it purports to hold those with whose views they disagree. To accept less than this allows co-conspirators to walk free.

We all deserve better.

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