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The Politicization of the FBI

On Thursday, January 21, I had the privilege of attending the AWS Foundation lecture series at Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center in Washington, DC. Joseph E. diGenova, former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia under President Reagan, spoke about “The Politicization of the FBI.” Mr. diGenova is founding partner of the Washington, D.C. law firm of diGenova & Toensing, LLP.

From his first word, Mr. diGenova laid out, clearly, simply, and forcefully, the chronology showing how the Obama Administration systematically and deliberately worked to exonerate Hillary Clinton of the multiple felonies she committed in her email handling and the subsequent cover up. This same effort was used simultaneously to attempt to frame President Trump with a false Russian conspiracy.

Mr. diGenova detailed compellingly how the “investigation” of Hillary Clinton departed significantly from a standard criminal investigation. He pointed out that no grand jury was convened, no search warrants were obtained, no subpoenas were issued, and witnesses were immunized unnecessarily and allowed to sit in on interviews of other, non-immunized, witnesses.

We are continuing to learn more every day about the FBI’s politically-motivated handling of the Hillary Clinton email server investigation. For example, texts exchanged by FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Strzok, who was one of the most senior agents at the FBI responsible for the Hillary Clinton server investigation, reportedly texted his lover Page that “I'm going to give Hillary special treatment because, hey, she might be the next president.”

Peter Strzok is the FBI agent fired from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation for anti-Trump statements. And, Strzok is the same FBI agent who changed the language of James Comey’s statement about not charging Hillary Clinton for her email practices. Comey’s statement originally said that Hillary had been “grossly negligent” in handling classified emails. “Gross negligence” is one of the elements of a felony violation dealing with unauthorized transmission of classified information. Strzok changed Comey’s statement to say that Hillary had been “extremely careless.”

Mr. diGenova also detailed the venal web of connections between the DNC, the FBI, and the two private companies compiling the discredited dossier on candidate, and then President, Trump.

Mr. diGenova talked about the so-called “Nunes Memorandum” setting forth some of the additional perfidy of the Obama Administration’s unlawful exoneration of Hillary Clinton and attempt to frame Donald Trump. Since Mr. diGenova’s talk Thursday, the House Intelligence Committee has voted to release that memorandum. The Democrats have been losing their minds over that decision, and have been working overtime in an attempt to discredit the memo before it is released to the public.

Probably not coincidentally, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has also suddenly announced he is “stepping down,” although he will be allowed to stay on the payroll until March so he can collect his pension. I predict that more heads will roll.

The mainstream media, by refusing to report these events or to give them proper context, are complicit in this situation that Mr. diGenova calls “worse than Watergate.”

Mr. diGenova pointed out that there are apparently two standards of justice - one for the Clintons, and one for Donald Trump and the rest of us. The politicization of the FBI should concern us all. Fortunately, there are ways of investigating federal crimes that do not involve the FBI. I will not discuss those methods here, but rest assured that the relevant authorities are aware of them.

When the Kirby Center posts video of Mr. diGenova’s talk I will link to it. It will be fascinating and worthwhile listening, and with the benefit of hindsight, we will wonder how the FBI’s processes could have been so perverted.

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