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In Defense of Freedom - Why I Fight for Your Second Amendment Rights

The flood of public support for my plans to protect your Second Amendment rights continues to be overwhelming. It is clear, as it has been for years, that the liberal elites are out of touch with the vast majority of Americans. People from every walk of life, from around the country, have reached out to express gratitude for my willingness to protect our Second Amendment.

This is about more than our God-given right to protect ourselves. Our country was founded on a set of carefully constructed principles enshrined in our Constitution including our Bill of Rights. These form the basis for our singular way of life, a way of life so attractive that people come here by the hundreds of thousands each year, risking their lives to be part of it. It is the American way.

My promise to deputize thousands in defense of our Second Amendment is not just protection of our God-given right to self-defense, although that would be enough. Fundamentally, it is about keeping control where God placed it, and where our Founders acknowledged it to reside -- in the citizenry.

As Sheriff, my sworn duty is to uphold and defend our Constitution. I will continue to do so whenever and wherever out-of-control elites threaten it. My actions will always be in service of freedom.

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